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#6 Working from dawn to dusk

Today I’ve got the opportunity interviewing Phylipi Leal and Yannis Gaillot. They work for Terra Nordeste Ltda. – a travel agency specializing in eco and adventure tours through Brazil. Their offices are based in São Luís, in the State of Maranhão, which is a strategic location in the heart of the Northeastern region of Brazil. Through their tours, you can find plenty of natural and cultural wonders including the Amazonia, the Lençois Maranhenses National Park, the Delta of Americas and a lot of wonderful pristine beaches among the nicest in South America, just to name a few.


Guys, since you got here, you show insane work ethics working from dawn to dusk. What exactly do you do?
Phylipi: We work for a travel agency in Brazil and right here we communicate with different travel agents from several countries. The company is based in Brazil, but we also work together with the french and a little bit with the german market.
Together with my wife from Dresden we both worked 5 years for the company in Brazil. Now I moved to Dresden to make a new experience. Primarily we used to work in home office and interact by the use of web devices with our team in Brazil.
Yannis: I also work for the comapny in Brazil. But I needed to be trained for fulfilling the job, so I came to Dresden to be trained by Phillip.


Do you use to work in open workspaces?
Phylipi: No. For me „The Shire“ is my first experience in coworking..
Yannsi: For me as well.


According to your short-time experience, which advantages do you already see in coworking spaces like “The Shire”?
Phylipi: I think coworking is quite an interesting idea. It’s really funny to see, how working life changes. Some years ago people worked a lot in companies and they wanted to work from home. Now many people are working in home office and are feeling like “I would like to be in a group”. Coworking spaces represent a diversified balance for this. Workspaces are great to exchange with new people. Moreover it gives input for new ideas and inspires the work for your business.
Since I’m in Germany I always worked at home, so “The Shire” was a great experience for sampling a contrast of working to my daily life. Concerning your concept, it stirs things up and helps stepping out of my comfort zone.
Yannis: I worked from home about 2 years in Ireland. But what I missed most was the daily contact with people and a separation between my working life and personal life. Reverting to coworking spaces is a great solution for this problem. You really feel when you’re working, you get inspired and stay in focus for longer terms than at home.


Do you have any proposition for improving our’s?
Phylipi: We definitly love the coffee machine. (laughing) Actually I think you have a very nice space.
Yannis: Right here everything is very clean, very professional and, as Phylipi already told, the localization is extremly good.


Okay I see your point. 3 weeks ago, 2 CEOs from the US visited our workspace. They added the proposal of including more elements of Dresden into our coworking space. What do you think of this idea?
Phylipi: I think for the decoration it’s a nice idea. But the way it is right now is more suitable in connection to your business and target group.
Yannis: Yes. Currently I think it’s a perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. We feel good right here and in the same time we feel like we are working efficiently.
Phylipi: Furthermore, we were glad that you offer private offices next to the coworking area. The interaction and communication with our clients is very important for the customer relationship, therefore we often have to call clients. Myself I talk really loud and sultry during phone calls, that’s why we were happy that we receive a private office of “The Shire”. On a shared desk it could be possible that I disturb others during their work. (laughing)


To finish it up, please tell me how you came across “The Shire”?
Phylipi: First of all we went on the internet. The necessity emerged, that we need a space for introducing Yannis into our business. So we looked for workspace possibilities in Dresden and checked some coworking spaces. We took a day and visited all of them. At the end the atmosphere, the cost-performance-ration and the centricity of your coworking space was the reason why we’ve chosen it.


I thank you guys very much for your time and openness and hope you enjoyed the atmosphere of “The Shire”. See you next time!


written by Vincent Rasch
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