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#5 High level visit from the US.

The last both days international guests Michael Cohen and Todd Heine visited our coworking space “The Shire”. Michael is CEO of suitless, Inc., a consulting company based in Washington DC and Todd CEO of visapreneur headquartered in Seattle.
I had the pleasure chatting with them about their business and their perception of coworking.


Hi guys, first of all I’m interested in what do you do for living? 
Michael: I run a consulting business called suitless Inc. that helps small businesses in the United States with their HR, finances and operations.
Todd: My company visapreneur gets visas for non US founders of tech companies that raise venture capital or got through accelerators.


Do you use to work in open workspaces?
Michael: Yes I do.
Todd: I don’t anymore. Nope. (laughs)


According to this, which advantages do you see in coworking spaces like “The Shire”?
Michael: You can be more productive. You can engage with other people of similar mindsets. You have the space available to be free and to operate how you want to.


So it influences your businesses and workflows in a positive way?
Michael: Yes, definitely, you stay more concentrated.


I know both of you have seen a lot of coworking spaces all over the world. I’d love to know, whether you have any propositions for improving our’s?
Todd: I have suggestions, but only because of what I see in the United States. It depends on your target group, right. This office space here: if you like bringing international people who visiting Dresden to it, then you should incorporate elements of Dresden or even Germany into the design by pictures on walls. I think the design element is important when it comes to coworking spaces.


So in your opinion we could improve “The Shire” by connecting the designeven more to Dresden?
Todd: I mean the design is awesome you know! It’s still very modern and sleek, so again, it depends on who your client base is.


To finish it up, please tell me how you came across our coworking space?
Todd: Yeah, I just looked up for a technology accelerator in Dresden on Google. Than your workspace popped up next and I saw those extremely cool pictures. Honestly it looked like a nice building and comfortable space, so I clicked on it. (laughs) All in all both days we were super happy being here.
Because my problem with coworking spaces is, they just tend to be a little bit too big, a little bit too busy and too loud. People are like faking their workflow a little bit too much. Where I just love to be is a place where everybody is just working their ass off. A lot of places are just like big mingle-mangles.
One of the best ones I’ve seen so far and where I noticed the differences is the “Revolution San Francisco”. There everyone is just working their ass of. I’m not quite sure how they weed out people. I think they are a bit more expensive. A couple accelerators send all their people right there.
Overall the most I’ve been to are the ones in Seattle. But the people there are like in an ideation state. They’re pulling their hair a little bit too much and just have that attitude “shit everything is just going wrong”. In my opinion that’s a misconception of coworking.


I thank you guys very much for your time and openness and hope you enjoyed the atmosphere of “The Shire”. See you next time!


written by Vincent Rasch
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